Super Sleep: Yoga and Natural Help for Insomnia + Sleeplessness - 4 Week Course

With Lisa Sanfilippo
7–28 February 2018, 20:00–21:15

The Life Centre, Islington
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH

020 7704 0919


If you have trouble sleeping long term or from time to time,  yoga + sleep-proofing your day can help you get deeper more easeful and *effective* rest. Learn step by step how to be more alert, awake and alive all day!

What you will learn:
- A simple, effective step by step programme that will help you sleep better now and in the future
- Learn new super sleep tools each week
- Troubleshoot your ‘sleep sabotage’ to re-work your habits and ‘sleep proof’ your day
- Learn how sleep works: how much you need, why you’re waking up in the middle of the night or finding rest elusive
- Easy to remember yoga you can do at home to help you calm down, feel more grounded, and sleep better
- Yoga to  ‘mop up’ if you have a bad night’s sleep- so you feel alert and calm during the day
- Easy breath practices to re-balance your nervous system and get you to sleep

Bring a notebook and pen with you! The sessions combine lecture, experiential learning and yoga practice.  A special resource-set will help you to put into practice what you learn and you can receive ongoing support as Lisa offers individual follow up sessions to course participants at a special rate.


**** If booking for more than one person, please call 020 7704 0919. Please do not book via the website. ****

Dates & Times

7 Feb – 28 Feb
20:00 – 21:15


Suitable for all levels.