Still in the City: Sun Meditation

With Jasmin Harsono
27 July 2018, 19:30–21:00

The Life Centre, Islington
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH

020 7704 0919

£22 earlybird until 20 July, £25 thereafter

Includes a Tigers Eye stone to take home.

Join Jasmin Harsono of Emerald + Tiger on a Friday evening for Reiki and meditation to cultivate and experience a sense of self-love.

Each participant will receive a Reiki charged Tigers Eye stone to keep. The golden rays of this stone connect to the Sun and Earth energy and provide a protecting warmth to help alleviate any burdens, releasing feelings of heaviness. It will be used to open the Solar Plexus Chakra, known as the energy distribution centre, inviting truth, power and expansion into the mind, body and spirit.

The evening will begin with breath work and chanting to settle into space, followed by a spiritual power of the sun seated guided Reiki meditation.

Everyone will then lie down, feeling comfortable and warm as the Sun’s energy, Tigers Eye, Reiki and Sonic healing come together to deepen the meditation. Reiki will be given to each participant one on one concentrating around the Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus area is located at the upper part of the stomach, where the diaphragm rests. Traditionally, it is the third chakra from the bottom. The Solar plexus is the element of fire and the colour yellow with higher frequencies turning a warmer tone. The original name in Sanskrit is Manipura. 

When we activate and open an overactive or blocked Solar Plexus and allow Reiki, Crystal and the Suns healing energy to flow we alleviate energetic, emotional and physical symptoms. After this work, we close the energy centre and are left feeling centered, powerful and balanced. 

This is a time for stillness, harnessing the energy and allowing it to travel inwards allowing the expression of self-love and empowerment to come through.

As the sun sets on this Summers night, this is an opportunity to relax, feeling fully rested and restored. Please bring along a notepad and pen as you may like to journal any thoughts, feelings and inspirations that arise.

‘Connecting to higher vibrations of the universe through Reiki’.


Open to all