Restorative Yoga Uniquely for Women

With Lucy Horton
30 September 2018, 14:00–16:00

The Life Centre, Notting Hill
15 Edge Street, London W8 7PN

020 7221 4602


A Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Practice for all Women, regardless of age, life-stage or health issues, who wish to re-connect to a naturally arising wellspring of vitality.

Restorative yoga, the art of deep relaxation, is safe, nurturing, and systematic practice, that helps you to relax and release deep tension. This rejuvenating workshop is specifically designed to address the needs of women at all life stages. In the class you will learn straightforward techniques for introversion and stillness. We discover the secret to going slow, paying attention, and sitting still, as paradoxically, by giving yourself the gift of intense rest, you will discover a renewed feeling of tranquility in everyday life.

You are invited to join Lucy for this practice about self care —and enjoy 2 hours of deeply Restorative Yoga practices, Breath-work, Mindful Movement, Meditation & Yoga Nidra - allowing your body and mind to be still, let go and find balance, leaving the studio with a renewed sense of peace.

**** If booking for more than one person, please call 020 7221 4602. Please do not book via the website. ****


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