Reflection, Softening, Appreciation: A New Year’s Day Yin Yoga Workshop

With Norman Blair
1 January 2019, 12:00–15:00

The Life Centre, Islington
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH

020 7704 0919


The Yin yoga practice invites us to explore inner landscapes with a quality of self-reflection, accepting and accommodating. We attempt to experience these qualities free of judgment or attachment – with equanimity. We learn to pay attention to what is, as it is – with an attitude of kindness. The Yin yoga practice is centred around floor-based postures, which are held for several minutes using props as supports.

This practice of mindfully bending and gently moving can be remarkably rejuvenating for our body-mind-heart.

Available and appropriate for all. Practice will include the slow stretches of Yin yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.


All welcome