Partner Acro Yoga

With Sylvia Garcia, Katie Burn
2 February 2018, 19:30–21:30

The Life Centre, Islington
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH

020 7704 0919


A yoga journey can often be a solitary one of self discovery and exploration. Working with a partner brings a completely new dimension to the practice as you learn to be aware of not only your own body and space, but also someone else’s creating a completely new and very fun experience.

Join Sylvia and Katie as they start with simple calibrations getting used to working with somebody else, and exploring stretches using each others counterweight and building up to more dynamic shapes and inversions. This is a brilliant practice for developing trust and communication as you learn to apply both of these things to the partner practice. Simple acrobatic shapes will also be introduced, which will involve somebody spotting to ensure safety at all times.

You do not need to come with a partner but if you do have someone you would like to practice with this is a great opportunity to have a lot of fun and bond with that person.


**** If booking for more than one person, please call 020 7704 0919. Please do not book via the website. ****


Suitable for all levels.