Fascia and Biotensegrity – Our Elastic Support Systems

With Catherine Annis
17 February 2019, 10:00–17:00

The Life Centre, Islington
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH

020 7704 0919

£35 per session earlybird before 10 February or £40 thereafter

In yoga, we’re constantly looking for balance. Balance between effort and ease, expansion and gathering, tension and compression. Balancing these opposing forces helps us feel light, spacious and stress-free in our postures, as if we are in flow with the forces of gravity.

Fascia and biotensegrity have become the new big thing in yoga and bodywork and our developing understanding is helping to revolutionize our understanding of how we move. We’re beginning to throw away the old paradigms and move towards a new fluid approach to movement practice.
Come and join Catherine for either or both of these workshops and:

  • Learn what fascia and biotensegrity are and how they affect us in yoga
  • Discover why we need the opposing forces of compression and tension and how they work together to create harmony
  • Develop approaches to unwind the fascial web
  • Release habitual holding patterns and areas of restriction
  • Understand how fascia and biotensegrity provide structural stability
  • Explore how our tissues store energy and release it when we need a burst of explosive energy
  • Cultivate a fresh approach to yoga that will return you to free, easy movement
  • Find balance to create a light, spacious and stress free yoga practice

In the morning session, (10am-1pm), we’ll be exploring Fascia, our connective tissues and structural support, and in the afternoon (2-5pm), we’ll be looking at Biotensegrity, the way the body naturally balances the forces of tension and compression.
You're welcome to join for one or both of these workshops.

Dates & Times

This day consists of two complementary workshops:

10am-1pm – Fascia
2-5pm – Biotensegrity

Each session works as a standalone workshop so you are welcome to join one or both parts of the day.


Open to all