Deep Rest: A Weekend for Women (Yogacampus)

With Adelene Cheong, Lizzie Lasater
21–22 October 2017, 09:30–17:00

The Light Centre (Moorgate)
0207 042 9900,


Overwhelmed, overworked, and overcommitted, women today don’t need more of anything, except rest.

Join Lizzie Lasater and Adelene Cheong for two days of active and quiet practice from the sacred feminine.

Moving from contraction to expansion, we will practice:

Somatic inquiry
Breath-based asana
Restorative yoga
Yoga Nidra

Moving beyond the physical, discussion topics will include:

Relationship between the physical, energetic and emotional bodies
Anatomy of the female pelvis
Embodied empathy
Becoming vulnerable to yourself
The physiology of relaxation

Through these potent methods for decreasing anxiety, dissolving feelings of isolation, and finding stillness amidst the busyness of your life, we will find refuge on the mat.

Focused on abundance and optimism, this workshop nourishes your heart energy to help move toward silence. Paradoxically, by giving yourself the gift of intense rest, you make space to discover more energy for relationships, work and creativity.

Appropriate for women of all ages and levels. All sharing and partner work is completely optional. Please bring an eye cover, two blankets, a notebook, and dress warmly. This workshop is also very appropriate for yoga teachers interested in adding Restorative yoga elements to their classes.


Suitable for all