Thursday Introduction to Jivamukti 4 Week Beginners Course

With Nicole Heller
23 November – 14 December 2017, 19:45–21:00

The Life Centre, Notting Hill
15 Edge Street, London W8 7PN

020 7221 4602


This 4 week introduction course to Jivamukti Yoga classes will provide the student with the underlying basics of how a Vinyasa practice works. Vinyasa is a method of practicing asana (posture), where the asanas are presented in a sequence, flowing one to the next, supported by the breath and paying attention to the conscious placement of the body. 

In this course, students will receive personal attention from an experienced teacher week to week providing an ideal environment for learning. Building upon the core aspects of a Jivamukti practice, Vinyasa poses will be introduced at a pace that ensures learning, students will build strength and knowledge, as well as cultivate a strong foundation.
There will be time to ask questions. 

Each week will cover a different set of asanas: week 1: Standing postures, week 2: forward bends, week 3: backbends and week 4: inversions. Students will feel ready to attend a Vinyasa class or an Open Level Jivamukti yoga class. 

This course is open to beginners as well as more experienced practitioners who wish to revisit certain postures/sequences in order to deepen their practice. 

Beginners Course Offer
Continue your yoga journey with a half-price 10 class pass for £65.00 or a half-price unlimited pass for £70.00. Available to purchase up to two weeks after the completion of  your Course or New Client Offer. 

**** If booking for more than one person, please call 020 7221 4602. Please do not book via the website. ****

Dates & Times

4 Week Course
23 November – 14 December
19.45 – 21.00


Suitable for all levels