Yogacampus is the Life Centre’s not for profit educational arm. It offers one of the few nationally accredited and comprehensive yoga therapy trainings.

Yoga Therapy Diploma - October 2017

13 Oct – 30 Apr 2019

Yogacampus London
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH

Between 2006 and 2010 Yogacampus was training yoga therapists in conjunction with the Yoga Biomedical Trust (YBT). Since early 2012 Yogacampus has been offering its own specially redesigned Yoga Therapy Diploma that is accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy (BCYT) and which meets the National Occupational Standards for Yoga Therapy set by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This new course has been developed to include detailed input from some of the most highly respected yoga therapists in the UK. We have retained all that was good about the earlier course and also included new material appropriate to the growing role and status of a yoga therapist within the natural health care community.

Like our highly acclaimed Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, we have a core faculty of widely respected teachers and yoga therapists, supplemented by experts in relevant fields to bring their differing perspectives to the course. The training provides a balanced mix of theory and practical work, with an emphasis on viewing a person from an holistic perspective, so that students gain an understanding of how to tailor a practice to an individual, rather than relying on prescriptive practices for particular conditions. The development of practical skills is based on the student’s own explorations and experience of working with clients with medical conditions, both in our supervised training clinic and on their own, with the support of tutors and mentors. The course offers a comprehensive and in-depth perspective of yoga therapy with a flexible approach that gives support for individual learning styles.

This training provides 320 contact hours of tuition and consists of;

  • 2 Foundation Modules which will provide an initial grounding in the important topics of Intuition and Ethics, Intimacy and Boundaries: How to BE a Yoga Teacher and Therapist (next running 09/10 September) and The Practical Philosophy of Healing (next running 16/17 June 2018 – not yet open for bookings). These Foundation Modules are open to anyone with an interest in yoga therapy and mandatory for those who wish to go on and complete the Diploma. In order to start the Diploma, you must have both of these modules completed within 24 months of the course start date.
  • Diploma Modules: 28 days of mandatory tuition spread over 10 modules (typically 3 day weekends of Friday to Sunday, roughly once every 7 weeks). See Module Schedule opposite.
  • 24 hours of elective tuition: you will be required to take 24 hours of tuition from a range of elective modules which will include yoga therapy for specific conditions (e.g. ME and chronic fatigue, women’s conditions) and opportunities to study aspects of yoga therapy in more depth. At least 12 hours of the 24 need to be taken with Yogacampus. You may count eligible elective hours done up to 12 months before starting the course in October. To see a full list of eligible electives, please click here.
  • Significant practical work within our student led yoga therapy clinic at Islington, London N1, which we believe is the only dedicated UK yoga therapy clinic. The clinic gives students hands-on experience of working with real clients and is where they learn to apply the course teachings, under supervision and guidance from experienced yoga therapists. The clinic operates on a Thursday afternoon (from 12.30 to 18.30) and you will be required to attend once between October and December 2017 to observe and then 3 – 4 times per term (total 9 times) during 2018 as a yoga therapist working under the supervision of the clinic supervisor. Clinic sessions before modules will be reserved for those students with the furthest to travel – please do contact us to discuss if this is relevant to you. You will also be required to have at least 3 sessions of yoga therapy yourself during the course in order to experience yoga therapy.

The core tuition of 32 days (including the Foundation Modules) will include teachings on:

  • what yoga philosophy can tell us about health, healing and the relief of suffering
  • less widely known practices particularly suitable for use in yoga therapy, including yoga nidra, restorative yoga, pawanmuktasana
  • how to use asana, pranayama and meditation practices in yoga therapy
  • building the therapeutic relationship: communication and listening skills
  • case history taking and client assessment
  • the body as an energetic system and its impact on internal disorders
  • common medical conditions
  • pain and its management, psychological issues around pain, and dealing with grief and trauma
  • yoga therapy for mental health
  • yoga approaches to structural therapy
  • practical training in working with clients

Assessments and written work
The course includes a number of assessed written assignments which include:

  • 3 in-depth case studies. Upon starting the Diploma Modules you will be assigned a Case Study Supervisor with whom you will work as you complete your 3 case studies
  • A yoga therapy project on a topic of your choice
  • A medical conditions assessment (completed at home with your notes)
  • Other written work for individual modules

In addition you will have 2 practical assessments of you working as a yoga therapist.


1st application deadline: 5pm on 10 April 2017
Interviews: Saturday 06 May 2017

2nd application deadline: 5pm on 24 July 2017
Interviews: Saturday 2 September 2017


Please complete the downloadable application form above and submit it by email to . See above for application due dates


The course is open to all qualified yoga teachers who have at least 1 year of consistent teaching experience of at least 120 hours. Your prior training course must have included at least 180 contact hours of tuition and since qualifying you will have undertaken continuing professional development of at least 15 hours per year. We also ask that you have been practising yoga regularly for at least 4 years and provide references from your primary yoga teacher and from someone who knows you as a yoga practitioner.