Our gentle and therapeutic Mums and Babies, and Parents and Toddlers classes are open to all parents, even those new to yoga.

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Mums and Babies Yoga classes

The postnatal period is one of adjustment and great change. During this special time, mums and babies can enjoy our specially designed classes.

What to expect in a Mums and Babies Yoga class

These classes will aid your postnatal recovery through specifically adapted postures, whilst also spending quality and nurturing time to bond with your baby though fun and play. Classes may include:

  • Yoga postures incorporating your baby
  • Breath work
  • Singing

Our mums and babies classes often become a mini–community for new mothers as there is time to enjoy informal discussion.

Who is Mums and Babies Yoga suitable for?

Classes are suitable for babies from the age of 6 weeks to crawling. Each class is unique and captures the needs of both mother and baby together. Classes are especially suitable for:

  • Relieving stress
  • Stabilising the pelvis
  • Strengthening mum’s pelvic floor
  • Toning the abdominal region
  • Supporting the lower back
  • Re-energising and restoring

Additional class information:

  • If you have had a Caesarean, please seek your doctor's advice before attending.
  • Please bring anything you need for the comfort of your baby.
  • All yoga props are provided.
  • Classes can get full, so please arrive early.
  • Buggies and prams will be stored at the back of the class in the studio.

Parents and Toddlers Yoga classes

Parents and Toddlers Yoga is a natural continuation from Mums and Babies, with a deeper emphasis on the child.  

What to expect in a Parents and Toddlers Yoga class

Classes are designed as a joined practice exploring the yoga world of movement through your child’s eyes, combining songs, games and props. The practise is fun, encouraging children to maintain their curiosity in movement and the world around them as well as develop self awareness and self confidence. Suitable for children aged 10 months - 4 years old and we welcome mums, dads or any other carer.

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