The Life Centre & Lulubaby antenatal course

The course is taught by experts in their fields including an obstetrician, paediatrician, midwife, women’s health physiotherapist, GP and breastfeeding counselor (see the for biographies of the course teachers).

The course offers continued support once your baby has been born and provides the opportunity to make local friends.

The course costs £565 per couple which includes all sessions, refreshments, detailed file and handouts plus ongoing advice & support.

10% off the Lulubaby antenatal course when you purchase the Mumaste package. 

The next course dates are:

  • Wednesday 30 May - 27 June
  • Wednesday 4 July - 1 August
  • Wednesday 5 September - 3 October

Bookings are to be made through Lulubaby. To book please email or call 07710 380564.

"Lulubaby’s collection of antenatal experts prepare you fabulously for life with a newborn..." —Harper’s Bazaar

The content for each weekly session is as follows:

Session #1 — Looking after yourself (16.30–19.30)

Your health — Led by one of our Nutritional Therapists

  • Keeping fit, exercise
  • Hormonal and physiological changes
  • Nutritional guidance for the third trimester

Your body — Led by one of our Obstetric Physiotherapists:

  • Pelvic floor muscles
  • Common problems, e.g. back complaints
  • Perineum care
  • Optimal foetal positioning

Session #2 — Labour (18.00–21.00) Partners invited

Led by one of our Midwives:

  • Preparing you and your baby for birth
  • Signs of labour / when to go into hospital
  • Different stages of labour
  • How to cope with labour
  • Non pharmacological & pharmacological analgesia
  • Epidural and spinal
  • Transition
  • Pushing
  • Delivery of placenta / 3rd stage

Session #3 — Medical Intervention & Postnatal Care (16.30–19.30)

Medical intervention — Led by one of our Consultant Obstetricians

  • Induction, why & how
  • Instrumental delivery 
  • Caesarean section 
  • Risks associated
  • Other complications eg breech babies, pre-eclampsia
  • Apgar score & Vitamin K

Postnatal care and common problems — Led by one of our GPs 

  • Your emotional health
  • Physical issues eg lochia, healing, infection

Session #4 — Life with your newborn baby (18.00–21.00) Partners invited

Looking after your baby — Led by one of our Antenatal teachers   

  • What to expect during the first few days
  • How dads can help — practical tips & emotional guidance
  • How to look after your baby (changing nappies, handling, dressing, bathing, swaddling & soothing your newborn)
  • Meconium, urate crystals
  • Minor imperfections
  • Cord care
  • What your baby can see/do/sense
  • Sleep & crying
  • What about a routine

Session #5 – Feeding your baby (17.00-20.00)

Feeding your baby — Led by one of our Breastfeeding Consultants

  • Breastfeeding: how it works, positioning & attachment, the importance of skin to skin
  • Baby’s stools
  • Common problems and how to deal with them
  • Weight loss in first few days
  • Where to go for support
  • Bottle feeding and expressing
  • Looking after yourself
  • Postnatal nutritional advice