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Sound Therapy with Sonia Anderson

This month we welcome a new therapist to our Islington centre. Sonia Anderson will be offering 1:1 sound therapy sessions, every Tuesday evening. Sonia is currently offering 10% her sessions to new clients, so why not try this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating therapy for yourself.

Sound therapy is an ancient art that has been practiced around the world for thousands of years, used for healing and transformation. Everything on the planet is in a constant state of vibration, throughout the body in our organs, bones, muscles, cell’s and bodily fluids. If any of these elements become imbalanced this is where problems can occur, by using specific tones and frequencies their vibrations then create a shift into harmonic resonance where transformation and healing take place.

1 to 1 sessions are different form a group Sound Bath, these treatments are personalised focusing on your needs to help detox, energies or heal.

Sonia offers a unique healing experience using Reiki and Sound from her therapeutic instruments. The vibrations from her Gongs, Tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and Crystal singing bowls enable your body to release stress, anxiety and clear blockages creating a peaceful state of relaxation. These treatments are empowering and have long lasting benefits.

The effects of a 1:1 sound therapy session can be profound, as attested by some of her clients:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 1-2-1 sound bath, having only experienced them in a group-setting but I left feeling like a weight had been lifted, my mind was focussed and I felt energised and rejuvenated in a way that I had not previously experienced from a treatment. Sonia has a very intuitive approach and uses her knowledge of sound therapy and different instruments to provide a very tailored session. It was a powerful experience and one that I would definitely recommend.”

“I really can’t recommend Sonia enough to everyone. I’ve been receiving various forms of healing from Sonia for over a year now and for me it is always so restorative and calming. Sonia reads me so well and works with the right mix of intuitive and vibrational energy. I always come away feeling so much lighter, energised and cleansed. I trust Sonia fully and allow her to work with my energies however she feels is right at the time, this can vary from Reiki, Sound and Crystal healing or at times a combination of all three. The space she creates is one of safety and calm and I feel supported and secure. Sonia has managed to allow me to relax and trust the process over the last year, so now I can visit and experience very deep levels within myself and the journey is different every time. Her knowledge, care and experience is incredible and I haven’t found another healer to this day that resonates with me the way Sonia’s energy does; she truly is a magical and experienced energy and light worker. I recommend Sonia to everyone looking for an experience which promotes, creates and restores bliss, balance, clarity and realignment.”

“I have been having healing sessions with Sonia for a few years now and have come to truly value her intuition and sensitivity. It is always a treat to receive her healing, and Sonia’s gift of being able to feel what’s going on, move and unblock energies, for me, help to add a bit of calm, clarity, desire to listen to myself more and has helped me a huge amount. Quite simply, a sound bath all to yourself is an amazing and dreamy experience but I also treasure Sonia’s ability to listen, advice and have a good old chat! I am sure I will be coming for more years to come.”

Sonia is available for appointments every Tuesday (starting 27 June) 17.30 – 21.30. She’s offering a 10% discount until end of August. To book an appointment, please contact Islington reception.

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