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In Healing Hands with Lucy Sage

In this week’s feature we meet Lucy Sage from Sage Healing. Lucy recently joined us as a therapist in Islington. She offers Aromatherapy, Pregnancy and Hot Stone Massage.

What, when and where was your first experience of complementary therapies?

As a child and young person growing up in a community in Mid West Wales I practised rebirthing and meditation. My mum took me to a local woman who was known to be a bone manipulator and I had a few treatments with her, it was amazing and a very spiritual, yet sometimes scary experience.

What made you decide to treat others?

I worked for Skyros in London and Atsitsa, in Greece and had some treatments. I did a short course out there and I loved it. I was mesmerised by how people came out of treatments they’d had all smiling, sparkly and glowing. I wanted a piece of that! I know I love feeling like that and I really believe that intuitive treatments can bring about a strong emotional and physical healing experience.

What has influenced your treatments the most?

I take influence from every course, yoga, movement course and treatment that I have ever experienced. I have studied in over ten disciplines of massage therapies and making natural products and they are all a valid influence of the treatments that I now offer.

Who/what has been the biggest inspiration on your journey?

The biggest influence to date has been a fellow practitioner and yoga teacher who gave me support when I first started many years ago. However there are many amazing teachers and fellow practitioners that have inspired me throughout this journey.

  • What do you hope your clients to experience when they get treated by you?*

A real sense of being nurtured, held and cared for. I really hope that they will experience a sense of letting go… of stresses, strain and negativity and that they then begin to feel the love for themselves, that they truly do deserve.

*Do you eat ice cream, drink coffee or have any guilty pleasures?

Ooh, now that would be telling!! I am very much a holistic healer, but a very down to earth human being too and I like the odd latte as a treat and very high quality chocolate is my thing!

Describe the term Holistic in 10 words or less?

For me holistic means to look at mother Earth as a whole, that really in essence we are all one and that we need to care about each other and our planet and raise our united conscious to a place of harmony! I am sure that’s not ten… but that’s what I have to give … Love and Light, Lucy Sage.

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