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Debra Morrice Celebrates 10 Years at The Life Centre

Debra Morrice has worked in alternative health since 2002 when she began an educational journey taking her through Thai massage, Reiki, Pregnancy massage, Holistic massage, Rejuvanessence and Craniosacral therapy. She has been working at The Life Centre since 2004. To celebrate her 10 year anniversary, Debra tells us about her journey as a therapist in this short article. She is also doing a great discounted therapy offer for new and existing clients.

My route to becoming a therapist, like many people, came after a long career doing something else. I trained as a designer, teacher and maker of jewellery. As a result, working with my hands has always been a strong part of my working life, as I find that they translate something which comes from my heart.

I knew I wanted to do something else which built on this and after a bit of a creative block, I went travelling to India in the hope that would bring clarity. Alas, I came back with a host health problems. A friend suggested I go to a Craniosacral therapist and that she thought it might help bring me back into balance. The first session was really transformative. I was amazed by this very subtle, yet very energetic and powerful treatment. I was convinced that my practitioner was a magician! Little did I realise at the time that this would set me up on the path to training as a Craniosacral therapist.

During this period I worked on reception at a GP’s surgery and experienced firsthand the frustration that people had trying to get an appointment when they were ill. I also encountered a lack of empathy common in so many busy surgeries. I later became a receptionist at a complementary health clinic and started my journey as a therapist first learning Reiki 1& 2.

I joined the Life Centre in 2004 and qualified in Thai Traditional Massage, Holistic Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Craniosacral Therapy.
The Life Centre and it’s therapists have given me the most amazing support over the last ten years. The centre gave me the opportunity to start working as a newbie therapist, offering reduced cost treatments in massage and Craniosacral therapy to over 60’s, full time students and the unemployed.

After two years of experience, I became a full-time therapist in 2008 and haven’t looked back.
Since this time I have gained further diplomas in Craniosacral Therapy, Rejuvanessence, Thai Abdominal Massage and a foundation course in Kinesiology. Today I am continuing to study for a Reflexology diploma. My motivation is the desire to help people and also to keep my brain active. I find the body and it’s responses fascinating and there is only more to learn the deeper you delve.

For me, my treatments are about the energy shifts, ease and care I can give through my hands. Craniosacral therapy for example is incredibly calming and healing for the nervous system in this wired world we live in.

To celebrate coming to the end of a decade working at The Life Centre I would like to offer back to clients to say thank you to existing ones and a hello to new ones a reduction to £60 (from £75) for all bookings made for December 2014.

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