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Bodywork and massage with Paul Drinkwater

Outlets are important to Paul and they aid further development of his bodywork experience. These may be of a physical nature or the appreciation of the arts.

What, when and where was your first experience of complementary therapies?
In the summer of 1979 whilst still participating in my art foundation course, my fellow students and I took a sabbatical to an arts retreat in wild Wales. Part of the restorative experience was receiving Thai-influenced bodywork from a group of Buddhist monks outside in the open — great baptism!

What made you decide to treat others?
I was initially interested in the fitness industry, but the vanity within a lot of the industry interrupted my progress. Massage was then part of the training that l had undertaken and it was by growth of my TLC clientele that l took the bewildering step of going full-time.

What influenced your treatments the most?
A combination of the various massage disciplines that l have developed — Swedish, eastern-influenced bodywork and manual lymphatic drainage.

Describe Holistic in less than 10 words.
Holistic: a part can only be appreciated when in relation to the whole.

Who/what is the biggest inspiration on your journey?
My hungry students within further education and my aspiring yoga/Pilates teachers at TLC.

What role do your therapies play in the way you live?
That whenever l have a problem, l hopefully recognise which type of therapy to undertake and not to wait, thinking that it will just go away in time. Symptoms can still persist and linger once you think that they have disappeared.

What do you hope your clients experience when they get treated by you?
Trust that l have at least, in one small way, helped in bringing about a positive response.

What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?
That clients leave the room with a ‘brighter awareness’ than prior to their arriving.

Do you eat ice cream, drink coffee or have any guilty pleasures?
Not really into chocolates or ice cream, but am partial to the odd evening a week ‘fish and chips with mushy peas’ — a true sea-sider!

Paul treats at our Notting Hill Centre on Fridays from 13.00-17.00 and Saturdays, 14.30–19.30.

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