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Ayurveda with Marianne Simonin

Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional medicines in the world and originates from India. It shares a similar background and philosophy to Yoga and therefore both are often referred as ‘sister sciences’. New Notting Hill therapist Marianne Simonin reveals the secret of the ancient sages on a powerful anti-aging program called Rasayana – or rejuvenation therapy.

One of the main concerns of the ancient Ayurvedic Sages in India was ‘how to preserve life and maintain youthfulness’. To counteract the ageing process they discovered that by following a certain lifestyle regimen (dinacharya), and by using specific herbs one could prevent disease formation and speed up cellular regeneration. This rejuvenation therapy is called Rasayana.

The therapeutic action of Rasayana is to produce optimum quality of bodily tissues, combat ageing, increase immunity (ojas), and resistance against diseases. Rasayana can act on the main bodily organs, complexion, intellect, sexual organs and vitality.

Rasayana therapy is particular useful for chronic conditions, as the specific substances of the herbs penetrate and nourish at a deep cellular level, act as antioxidants and normalise sensitivity. In Ayurveda the diagnosis is systematic, and both body and mind will be addressed during a consultation.

You do not need to be ill or suffer from a specific condition to benefit from Rasayana treatments. You may just want to increase your memory, intellect, keep your skin healthy and youthful, or feel strong and balanced. Ayurveda works with Nature and always seeks alignment with natural cycles such as the diurnal motion of the sun, the seasons, age and the climate and place where you live.

How does the consultation work?

During an initial consultation your practitioner will examine your digestive power (agni), and whether the food is properly digested. Any signs of ama (toxins, unprocessed assimilation) at a physical or mental level will be addressed first by recommending either modifications in your diet or lifestyle, herbal medication, or a combination of any of these. This cleansing process may take anything between 1 – 3 weeks according to the degree of toxicity and clogging in the body.

Once you have regained balance by returning to your natural constitution (Prakruti), your practitioner will recommend specific Rasayana herbs that will enhance the strength of particular organs or work on general health. For maximum results you will need to continue the treatment for a minimum of 2 months. After this time a follow-up is recommended, and further advice will be given to maintain your health, immunity and vitality. For Rasayana treatment the dosage of herbs is kept to the minimum, but the timing and the anupana (the carrier that will take the properties of the herb to the specific tissues) are of vital importance, hence a qualified practitioner will be able to prescribe the correct dosage according to your health status and constitution.
As part of the rejuvenation program, dietary advice will be given in order to assist the potency and benefits of the herbs, and bodily treatments such as massage, marma therapy may be recommended. Every treatment is tailored to your unique constitution, age, physical and mental strength, and therefore a course of 2 – 5 sessions may be needed to obtain maximum results.

How to book your treatment?

Marianne Simonin is a fully qualified Ayurvedic practitioner (M.CM Ayur), Yoga and massage therapist (B.W.Y; M.T.I). Her clinic hours at the Life centre are every FRIDAY morning from 8.30 – 12.30. You can book directly with the centre, or you can contact Marianne before should you need further information on 07710 283 007.

You can also visit Marianne’s website:

Ayurvedic consultation: £60 instead of £90
Massage treatments (holistic/Ayurvedic); £50 instead of £75

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