Therapy Focus

Massage or Thai Massage? by Danila Ciencia

22 March 2019

Massage therapist Danila Ciencia offers Thai Yoga massage and Western styles of massage. Here she discusses the benefits and differences between these differing styles of massage.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby! Pregnancy Thai Massage by Daria Germondari

26 February 2019

If you are pregnant and in need of some TLC for yourself and your bump then Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage can be a lovely way to treat yourself. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s also ideal during pregnancy as therapist Daria Germondari explores in this article.

New Year, New Intentions by Helen Mead

24 December 2018

New Intentions are a great way to start the New Year: if we are realistic about them, have thought about them, have a plan to implement them, support in place to keep us strong, and if we don’t throw the whole project into the dustbin if we don’t succeed straight away or fall off the proverbial wagon; it is to be expected. We are human.

Therapist Helen Mead explores ways we can become healthier and happier in 2019 through realistic intention.

Somatic Movement Education Coaching with Debra Morrice

6 September 2018

Debra Morrice tells us more about her new therapy Somatic Movement Education Coaching and how it can release chronic muscular pain.

Debra is offering a special discount until the end of September – book and pre-pay for 4 sessions at £70 a session (full price £85 a session). Read on to find out more.

Yoga and Thai Massage: a match made in heaven

22 June 2018

Don’t be fooled by the ‘Thai’ part of the Yoga Massage…in actual fact, both disciplines of Yoga and Thai Massage are rooted in the Vedas; the ancient hymns composed and recited in Punjab (Northern India) as early as 1500 B.C. In this feature, Daria Germondari, practitioner, teacher and therapist of both disciplines highlights the complementary nature of these magical practices.

Craniosacral Therapy with Debra Morrice

4 April 2018

You might not have heard of Craniosacral therapy, but it’s a powerful treatment that aids with relaxation, relieves stress and allows the body to let go of tension. Ideal for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or trauma, this light touch treatment can have profound effects on the body and nervous system. Notting Hill therapist Debra Morrice tells us more about what to expect from a treatment.

Reiki Therapy with Emerald and Tiger: Jasmin Harsono

16 November 2017

Certified Japanese and Western Reiki Master Jasmin Harsono recently joined our Islington therapy team. She explains more about what to expect from a Reiki treatment in this therapy focus.

Ayurveda for the Summer with Xenia Bolomiti

11 July 2017

Ayurvedic Massage therapist Xenia Bolomiti shares some tips to stay cool and optimise your health and wellbeing for the summer with Ayurveda.

Rolfing - as an Exploration of Structural Ageing

13 June 2017

Liesl D Hinkly explores the power of Rolfing to create a sense of freedom and youth in the body – and asks the question, do we really have to lose that sense of freedom in the body as we age?

Post Operative Rolfing and Somatic Experiencing

2 February 2016

This week, Liesl Hinkly, our resident Rolfing therapist at our Notting Hill Centre, shares how Rolfing can support post-operative healing and the body when it is injured or damaged.

Reflexology with Helen Mead

19 January 2016

Naturopathic practitioner Helen Mead explains why her clients keep coming back for reflexology long after their original symptoms vanish. She invites you to come and find out for yourself with her special New Year offer.

A Winter Warmer with Debra Morrice

17 November 2015

In this week’s feature we catch up with Debra Morrice, therapist at our Notting Hill Centre. Receive a Craniosacral therapy treatment for £65 (usual price £75) on Thursdays at The Life Centre until the end of December 2015 with Debra and read more about ways to stay healthy this season in the article below.

Ayurveda for the Winter Season by Xenia Bolomiti

20 January 2015

As the Ayurvedic proverb goes: “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Our new Islington therapist Xenia Bolomiti explains.

Ayurveda for the Winter Season by Xenia Bolomiti

20 January 2015

Xenia Bolomiti will be joining us as an Auyrvedic therapist at our Islington centre from February. In this article she explains a bit about the science of Auyrveda and how we can stay balanced even in the Winter season.

Debra Morrice Celebrates 10 Years at The Life Centre

27 November 2014

Debra Morrice has worked in alternative health since 2002 when she began an educational journey taking her through Thai massage, Reiki, Pregnancy massage, Holistic massage, Rejuvanessence and Craniosacral therapy. She has been working at The Life Centre since 2004. To celebrate her 10 year anniversary, Debra tells us about her journey as a therapist in this short article. She is also doing a great discounted therapy offer for new and existing clients.

Aarti Shah McTimoney Chiropractor at The Life Centre Notting Hill Celebrates her Silver Jubilee

3 November 2014

Today marks 25 Years of treating clients sucesfully with Mc Timoney Chirporactic for Aarti Shah. Congratulations Aarti! Here is a short report on what the journey has been like in Aarti’s own words.

Yoga Therapy Is… by Lisa Kaley-Isley

24 September 2014

I provide yoga therapy at The Life Centre in Islington, and starting 6 October I’ll also offer sessions at Notting Hill. The Life Centre is one of the longest established yoga studios in London, and to my knowledge this will be the first time that something formally called “yoga therapy” will be on offer for booking at the Notting Hill Centre. But what is yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy: The silver lining in the dark cloud

15 August 2014

Lisa Kaley-Isley is a clinical psychologist and yoga therapist who specialises in working with people struggling with anxiety and depression. She writes here about Robin Williams’ passing this week and how yoga and yoga therapy can be of help.

7 ways yoga can help you have the best night’s sleep ever

28 March 2014

Lisa Sanfilippo is London’s leading expert on yoga for sleep. In this article originally published in Marie Claire magazine, she reveals 7 tips that will improve the quality of your sleep.

Yoga: Practices for living and dying by Lizzie Reumont

21 March 2014

Often times, we show up to life expecting one thing, and end up finding something completely different.

Bodywork and massage with Paul Drinkwater

7 March 2014

Outlets are important to Paul and they aid further development of his bodywork experience. These may be of a physical nature or the appreciation of the arts.

Jane Priceman on managing anger with homeopathy

21 February 2014

Anger is there for a reason and in some instances can be appropriate to the situation. With any response, as homeopaths, we always ask ourselves: is our response appropriate? If not, and it keeps occurring, we may feel we might want to consider some options for change.

Time for a Spring Cleaning by Helen Craven

14 February 2014

So, if we have a need to create clarity and order in the world around us, what about the clutter we carry around in our heads?

McTimoney Chiropractic: Innate self-healing with Aarti Shah

31 January 2014

Aarti Shas has been a McTimoney Chiropractor since 1989 and has been practising in London since 1994. She believes that the body has its own “Innate Self Healing” ability and that McTimoney Chiropractic is a great facilitator of the healing process, thereby realigning and rebalancing the entire body on many levels.

Helen Craven says: Stuff the resolutions!

24 January 2014

Helen Craven MA(RCA), DCH, DHP, ITEC is an experienced Hypnotherapist using advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is also a Reiki Master and teacher and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Homeopathy with Jane Priceman

17 January 2014

Jane qualified in 2004 from the College of Practical Homeopathy in London, but because homeopathy is such a vast subject she has continued her studies, completing a post-graduate course with the Orion School in 2008 and continuing to study up to the present day. She has practised at The Life Centre since 2006.

Liesl Hinkly on why the body rules the show

30 December 2013

Notting Hill Rolfer Liesl D. Hinkly shares why the body is our greatest teacher and always ‘rules the show’ in her therapy sessions.

Lisa Kaley-Isley illuminates yoga as therapy

16 December 2013

Resident Yoga Therapy advisor Lisa Kaley-Isley shares her journey from psychologist to yoga therapist and why seeing the light go on in another is the most rewarding moment of all.

Helen Craven on self-hypnosis

2 December 2013

Hypnotherapist and An Inside Mind author Helen Craven shares how self-hypnosis keeps her on the right track.

Andrew Bryant shares 19 years as an osteopath at Notting Hill

29 November 2013

“One of [TLC]‘s strengths has always been to be accepting of whoever walks through the door—billionaire, film star, mum with three kids or the regular Joe,” the popular osteopath recounts.