Treat Yourself Healthful - by Helen Mead

5 April 2019

Want a guilt free snack with 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries? The highest plant based source of iron, more calcium than cows milk, a high source of magnesium that helps keep stress at bay and a natural mood elevator? Well then… it’s time you start making your own chocolate! Helen Mead shares a recipe for her very own vegan and refined sugar free chocolates. Perfect for Easter…or any time.

Cool Down with Peppermint Essential Oil By Karen Clayton

11 July 2017

During the summer when the weather is warm your feet can feel hot, tired and achy. Try these quick recipes for a foot spray or massage oil and enjoy the benefits of peppermint which has a cooling, refreshing action.

Pomegranate & Pollen Dairy-Free Porridge

8 December 2015

This week Helen Mead shares this delicious winter porridge recipe with us as well as listing all the reasons why we should say yes to a healthy breakfast that will uplift us in the winter months. We hope you enjoy it!

Autumn Essentials — Food for the Lungs by Wilmien Bos

8 October 2015

In this week’s feature Wilmien Bos shares a few key ingredients to include in your Autumn diet to keep your lungs healthy and to boost your immune system, also known as “Wei Qi’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Read the list of Autumn essentials here.

Dumplings are not just for winter evenings!

22 September 2015

This week Barbara Gallani, teacher at The Life Centre and author of the recently published book: Dumplings, a Global History shares one of her recipe’s with us. Here is what she says:

“I am very keen to de-bunk the myth that dumplings are just a type of stodgy comfort food that does not agree with a healthy diet and lifestyle. In fact, at my book launch in London, all the dumplings served were not only hand-made with fresh ingredients by my parents, they were also either vegetarian or vegan. The recipe below is one of my favourites because of its simplicity (I have been making gnocchi since I was a child) and its versatility (the main ingredient, the potato, can be complemented by almost all different types of flour and a large variety of sauces).”

The Healing Power of Herbs

6 August 2015

In this week’s feature Wilmien Bos tells us about the history of the oldest medicine known to mankind: Herbalism. She also shares a list of herbs that can be taken for common ailments. Read on to find out how you can restore your natural balance with the healing power of herbs.

Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Potato Brownies

23 July 2015

In this week’s feature Deliciously Ella shares one of her favourite recipes with us. She says: “More than anything I want to show how easy and delicious healthy food is – it’s so much more than bland salads and iceberg lettuce! It’s all about sumptuous desserts, delicious dips, raw treats and rainbow bowls of incredible veggies, all made with nature’s most natural ingredients. Everything here will nurture and love your body, leaving you feeling incredible! “

Bowled Over by this Delicious ‘Yogi Bowl’ Recipe from The Food Tailor

7 July 2015

We all agree, “there’s something comforting and humbling about meals served in bowls” and this week we are sharing a delicious recipe from The Food Tailor. If you like the recipe you can check out her Summer Pop-up, every Thursday in July at Cafe Olive.

Ayurvedic Recipe by Xenia Bolomiti

7 April 2015

Spring season is arriving slowly and it is time to nourish our bodies with the right kind of nutrients to help us through this change of season. In this week’s issue Xenia Bolomiti shares this lovely Ayurvedic Carrot Mung Dal Soup recipe.

Kinesiology: 7 Top Tips to Prevent Intolerances and Allergies

13 November 2014

In today’s modern world many of us suffer from food allergies. Preventing allergic reactions and keeping the body’s pH in balance is a key factor to a healthier and more comfortable life. Enjoy these tips from Diane Montagut, our expert kinesiologist and NAET practitioner.

Autumn Pear, Spinach and Kale Smoothie

16 October 2014

Alessandra Pecorella shares her special recipe for this delicious Autumn smoothie with us. The benefits of all the ingredients combined in this smoothie are tremendous. It’s a low calorie healthy punch, rich in fibre (healthy digestion), vitamins and minerals (healthy immune system, circulation, brain and nervous system, cancer prevention, anti inflammatory).

Emily Reed brings us fresh Ayurvedic culinary inspiration from the Austrian Alps

28 August 2014

Emily Reed shares with us a bit of the healing alchemy of Ayurvedic cooking and a special Umami recipe.