Take a step further to free your mind & body with Kinesiology

Diane Montagut shares her latest client’s testimony of Kinesiology & Naet treatments.

What, when & where was your first experience of complementary therapy?

When I was about ten years old. My dad was a GP and started to get into complementary therapies. He found out that I had Hepatitis B and brought me to visit a great homeopath called Dr. Belganski. Before my first visit I was so exhausted that taking the train to see this specialist represented an energy challenge! Six months later, marking the end of the homeopathy treatment he advised, I had recovered my energy levels and my blood test was back to normal. Homeopathy had saved me!

What made you decide to treat others?
In 2008, I started practising Kinesiology on my son to see if I could help him with his eczema. He was literally covered head to toe with eczema! I tested what food he was intolerant to and avoided it for three months while balancing his body with the other Kinesiology factors. After such a short time, 95% of his eczema disappeared! I was so thrilled that I decided to help others with Kinesiology.

What has influenced your treatment the most?
Practising Kinesiology and treating a person by balancing her in a holistic/global way: physically, nutritionally and emotionally has made such a difference to the people’s health and well-being that I always keep this as a key to a successful treatment.

What does the term “holistic” mean to you?
Holistic is the combination of 3 factors essentials to keep a person balanced: Body + Mind/Emotions + Nutrition

What role do your therapies play in the way you live?
First of all, they inspire the way I think, eat and love.
Secondly, the results and feedback I get give a great taste to my everyday life.

*What do you hope your clients experience when they get treated by you? *
Here is the last testimony I received a few days ago that made me want to go on practising Kinesiology and Naet:
Laure: “For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from terrible allergies. Pollen, dust, grass, animals, mold etc. So effectively I was taking some kind of antihistamines of some kind every single day, throughout the year. I went to see Diane as a friend of my mother’s had been successfully treated by her for similar things. By the end of the first few months of treatment, I was almost completely off antihistamines and then with a few more reinforcement sessions – dealing also with emotional issues that can tie in, something I had no idea about – I now feel completely cured. This summer has been a real test as there seems to be very high levels of hayfever. Friends who have never suffered from it have had trouble.(…)I feel so much freer…and on the emotional side, she has helped me enormously…working with me to accept and let go of a difficult situation as well as lifting my self-esteem and energy, helping me focus on my work and achieve my goals. I am very grateful to Diane!”

What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?
Seeing people balanced and achieving their goals, as Laure wrote!

Do you eat ice-cream, drink coffee or have any other guilty pleasures?
When eating an ice-cream is a real treat then I make it a rule not to resist as being balanced is being able to eat a bit of everything while staying healthy.

Diane Montagut is available for private Kinesiology and Naet sessions every Thursday at our Notting Hill centre. She is offering the 3rd session at ½ price during September and October.