Good Karma Flow: Islington Charity Class launches this Friday with Tanja Mickwitz

Tanja kicks off our monthly series of Islington charity classes this Friday with Good Karma Flow – a compassionate mix of flow and rejuvenation – in aid of Yoga Gives Back.
Islington 19.30-21.00.

Starting this Friday 10th January, and continuing on the first Friday of every month, The Life Centre Islington will be hosting a special charity class, taught by a variety of teachers who are each donating their time and class proceeds to a charity of their choice.

This month, join Tanja, who has chosen to support Yoga Gives Back’s Thank You Mother India campaign – funding programs which lend small loans to women who are otherwise excluded from the conventional banking and financial systems in India, as well programs which fund education and vocational training.

Their motto is simple yet profound – for the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

Good Karma Flow: Class Description

Good Karma Flow invites you to open your heart to yourself and the world, flowing through an asana practice which will strengthen, challenge and cleanse away the stresses of the week, concluding with some much needed Friday rejuvenation in some restorative poses.

As the wheel of karma spins the only place we can begin is here and now with ourselves. This class will be dedicated to finding a place of self-nourishment and self-acceptance, as we can only truly give to those around us that which we are giving ourselves.

The asana practice will encourage us to find a kind and compassionate way to be with ourselves whether this is when we are physically drawn to our edge or during moments of stillness when our minds naturally wander yet we aim to stay present.

The Life Centre Islington
Friday 10th January
£10 minimum donation (higher donations welcome)
Tea and biscuits will also be served for 30 minutes after the class, if you’d like to stay and socialise with fellow yogi’s

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