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Yoga and meditation with Mark Hill

Mark has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for 17 years and teaching full time for 12 years. Mark encourages his students to be true to their particular needs, feeling their balance, as he guides them through the practice.

What, when and where was your first experience of yoga?
My first experience of Yoga was in 1996 at a Vinyasa Yoga class in fitness club in London.

What made you decide to move from student to teacher?
I loved the feeling Yoga gave me after class and wanted to understand more so I decided to do a Yoga Teacher Training.

What teaching tip has had the biggest influence on the way you practice? And the way you teach?
Balancing Sthira and Sukhum is my biggest tip for Asana practice.

What does your own self-practice involve?
I practice one hour of Asana followed by 15 mins Pranayama then 45 mins Meditation, once a day, everyday. 

If you only had 10 minutes to practice, what would you do?
If I only had 10 mins to practice, I would Meditate for 10 mins.

Who/what is the biggest inspiration on your yoga journey at the moment?
Rod Stryker is my biggest Yoga inspiration at the moment. 

What role does yoga play in the way you live?
Yoga enhances every part of my life. Because of my Yoga practice everything else in my life is better, more blissful and beautiful. 

What do you hope your students to experience when they practice with you?
I hope my students have a similar experience from their practice as I have from mine. That it enhances their life, that life appears more blissful and beautiful. 

Which yoga text could you not live without?
There is no Yoga text that I could not live without, texts are great to learn from but for me it is mostly about the Practice.

Describe the meaning of yoga in 10 words or less:
Yoga means to connect to your True Self.

Mark teaches Vinyasa yoga at Islington on Mondays and Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation at Notting Hill on Saturdays and Sundays.

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