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Women’s Yoga as Medicine by Sivani Mata Francis

Ahead of International Women’s Day, which takes place on 8 March, Sivani Mata Francis explores the healing effects of a women-centric yoga practice. Join Sivani for a free Women’s Yoga class on Tuesday 6 March in celebration of the female experience.

There is something very healing about coming together as a circle of women.

In the circle of women, her-story is given the permission to be present, and the fact that we are cyclical in nature, ever changing, ever flowing is welcomed. It is a space to truly be who you are as a woman, embracing every face of feminine: she of sweetness, of fierceness, of vulnerability, of strength, of courage, of surrender, of grace. Every face is safe in this space. When every face is welcomed, the healing can begin to happen.

This is medicine.

I am honoured to sit regularly in spaces where her-story is heard. The truth that is shared through the voice, sister to sister; and the truth that is shared by the silence of a woman doing what she needs to in this moment is potent medicine. The combination of this work of the woman’s circle, the red tent, with the rich practices from the yogic tradition, for me has been vital in my healing journey.

In our Women’s Yoga class the focus is nourishment. Allowing ourselves time for rest and nurture, to listen to our own intuitive wisdom and move in a way that honours where we are in this moment. A radical act in this world where the go to impulse is often to override the inner guide and keep up with external demands. There is space for deep relaxation, for every woman’s voice to be heard and for each woman to allow her truth to guide her.

This is medicine.


Women’s Yoga and Yoga Nidra takes place every Tuesday 11.15-12.30 at Islington. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are offering this class for free on Tuesday 6 March.

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