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Getting to Know Calli Popham

“My biggest inspiration are the students that practice with me, I am always so honoured to share the gift of yoga with so many amazing people around the world and in my hometown.”

We caught up with Calli Popham to find out what inspires her, how she takes yoga off the mat and her teaching journey. Read the full interview here.

When did you first realise you wanted to teach?

I remember my yoga teacher dream started around 17 years old, I had found Yoga really young and fell in love instantly. I dreamed of being a yoga teacher for many years before I found the courage and trust to go for it. It’s safe to say I have never looked back!

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration on your yoga journey so far?

My biggest inspiration are the students that practice with me, I am always so honoured to share the gift of yoga with so many amazing people around the world and in my hometown. I am constantly inspired by the dedication, playfulness and courage of the students that practice with me. What I love most is seeing the lightbulb moments, from the breakthroughs to the transformations and experiences that people have due to the practice of yoga: to hold space for that is truly an honour.

What can people expect from your class?

Playful, strong, fluid, slow, anatomically intelligent & creative flows, sprinkled with heart felt intention set to a back drop of funky beats! I encourage students to move from a place of sensation, to enjoy the journey, ‘the space in between’ and to recognise that there is no rush, there is no endpoint in Yoga and that the beauty of being human is that we are all so beautifully different, therefore no one shape will ever look the same. I love inversions and arm balances in my own practice, so they naturally weave their way in, but I teach them in a way that they are accessible to all levels, with the focus set on a playful approach rather than trying to create the shape.

What do you like best about teaching at The Life Centre?

I love the space, it is so bright and beautiful, the people are lovely and it’s an iconic brand, guiding the way of yoga for 25 years! Its an honour to be part of!

What do you think makes a good teacher?

A good yoga teacher is someone who recognises & remembers that they are there in service, that it isn’t about them but about holding space for others and is willing to continue to learn, develop & evolve without getting stuck in Dogma.

What tips would you give to a beginner?

The first classes will feel crazy, as long as you are breathing, moving with awareness and enjoying yourself, you are doing yoga! Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle- you are enough!

What is your favourite asana?

It’s hard to choose, but handstand is one of my number ones! I love handstands because they draw you straight in to the present moment, I challenge anyone to plan or worry whilst trying to hold a handstand- you have to be there in the with every ounce of your awareness, otherwise you’re on the floor!

Where might we find you on your days off?

Handstanding and goofing about in a park with my little boy who is 3, he’s already better at handstands that I was a couple of years ago!

What is your favourite post-practice meal or snack?

Without wanting to sound like a yoga teacher cliche(!) I love a green juice post practice, I’m often rushing to the next class or back to get my little boy so something fast- I love rice cakes and nut butter or Avocado as a quick anytime energy boost too.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

I am passionate about the importance of taking yoga off the mat, it is so easy to show up and do your asana practice, then continue about your day without considering how it can ripple through to your world. One way I take my yoga off the mat is through making conscious consumer choices; our money is our biggest way in which to vote powerfully, so I try to be mindful in where and how I spend my money on things such as animal products, fast fashion, plastics and which media channels I choose to consume.

I also use the tools of my practice to ensure that I am fully showing up in my world and remembering that the way in which I react and interact with my immediate surroundings in my choice.

Last but not least, my most powerful yoga practise is daily with my little boy, my life work is raising him as a conscious, mindful, compassionate little light bearer of love, our children will be the ones to change this world.

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