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An Introduction to Mysore Ashtanga Self Practice Course

Curious about Mysore style Ashtanga and keen to give it a try? We’ve developed a course designed specifically for beginners to the Mysore practice. Find out more about the course here.

Mysore style Ashtanga is a unique style of class where you practice yoga in a group environment, but unlike other yoga classes, it is not a led class. Instead you are taught the Ashtanga sequence individually, pose by pose, which you follow at your own pace.

If this sounds daunting to you, then you are not alone. Mysore classes can seem intimidating at first – it seems like everyone else knows the sequence and is practicing advanced asana, so it can be off-putting to a beginner.

In fact the Mysore environment can be a great way to learn yoga as a beginner. Where else do you get individual attention and a practice tailored to where you are with your practice?

That’s why we’ve developed An Introduction to Mysore course – designed specifically for beginners to Mysore. In this four day course you will learn all the fundamentals of the practice in a small and friendly group. Each morning you will spend the first half of the session learning the basics together as a group, before going into the Mysore room for the remainder of the session to practice what you have learnt. At the end of the week you then have the option to attend the Led Primary Series class on Friday and the following week of Mysore practice is also included in the cost.

By the end of the course you will have the experience and confidence to continue your practice in our regular Mysore classes.

Hear from some our existing Mysore students about why they love the practice:

“The Mysore program at the Life Centre has provided me with a stable yoga practice. It’s a peaceful place I can spend time with myself in the mornings before the rush of the day. The teachers really get to know your body and provide personalised advice and insight to your practice. It’s a very unique and rewarding way of practising yoga and I am so glad I found it at the Life Centre!”

“After years of practice, finding Morning Mysore at the Life Centre has brought about profound changes in both my practice and my self. The centre’s teachers combine experience and attention with an accepting approach, encouraging the body and mind to open and expand in a safe environment. My morning practice sets me up to start each day with equanimity and a great sense of calm.”

Can’t make the dates for this course? We offer a New to Mysore offer – 14 days of unlimited Mysore classes for £40 – that you can take at any time and use at Notting Hill or Islington.

Our next course starts Monday 15 May – more details and booking here.