Meet the Teachers

25 Years of The Life Centre

22 October 2018

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, some of our teachers, therapists and staff share their reflections on what The Life Centre means to them.

Embracing Change with Lizzie Reumont

10 October 2018

Lizzie Reumont, one of London’s most senior Jivamukti teachers has recently rejoined The Life Centre, offering two weekly classes and Rolfing appointments at Notting Hill. In this blog post, she reflects on change and explains more about her offerings at The Life Centre.

Meet Ann Pidcock

24 May 2018

This week we caught up with Ann Pidcock, who has two brand new classes starting on Saturday afternoons at Islington. Read on to find out more about Ann, who will be teaching Dynamic Flow, followed by Yin & Yoga Nidra every Saturday from 2nd June.

Meet Alida O’Connor

9 April 2018

“Yoga has become a way of life for me and I try to follow its guidance in everything I do; from how I nourish my body, the consumer choices I make and how I interact with the people I encounter daily. A heartfelt conversation with a student can be as important as learning a new pose.”

This week we catch up with Alida O’Connor who is starting a new Slow Flow class with us on Thursdays at Notting Hill.

Meet Michael James Wong, founder of BOYS OF YOGA

22 March 2018

“To most guys, yoga is pink lycra and vegan chicks. It’s breathing deeply while doing poses named after animals and feelings. It’s done in dimly lit rooms with candles and incense, followed by gluten-free cupcakes and kale smoothies. And if that’s your mentality then you’re not alone. But it doesn’t mean it’s right,” says Michael Wong, founder of BOYS OF YOGA. Read the full interview here:

Getting to Know Calli Popham

25 October 2017

“My biggest inspiration are the students that practice with me, I am always so honoured to share the gift of yoga with so many amazing people around the world and in my hometown.”

We caught up with Calli Popham to find out what inspires her, how she takes yoga off the mat and her teaching journey. Read the full interview here.

Getting to Know Tara Lee

8 March 2017

We caught up with Tara Lee following the recent release of her new yoga DVDs Solar Yoga and Lunar Yoga to find out more about her. You can find Tara at Notting Hill on Monday mornings for Mums & Babies and Pregnancy Yoga and Tuesday lunchtimes for Vinyasa Flow. If you fancy taking your practice home with you, both of her DVDs are available to buy in our centres.

Getting to Know Lila (Lizy) Whiting

10 October 2016

Since her first experience on the mat at 21, Lila has found herself transformed from desk-bound lawyer to globe-exploring yogini. She recently joined The Life Centre where she teaches Jivamukti at Islington every Monday 7.30-9pm. In this feature we find out more about what makes her tick.

Jivamukti Yoga with Luis Valentine

12 April 2016

“It’s the passion I see in my own teachers which makes their teaching so special and what drives me to teach.” In this week’s feature we hear from Jivamukti teacher Luis Valentine about his yoga journey and how he is inspired by the strong lineage of the Jivamukti practice.

From the Corporate World to the Yoga Mat with Charlie Morgan

12 April 2016

Following a life-changing trip to the Himalayan Yoga Institute in India, Charlie Morgan decided to leave the corporate rat race and deepen her knowledge of yoga further. In this week’s feature we find out more about her journey from the corporate world to the yoga mat and what inspires her.

Hawaiian Philosophies and The Huna Tradition;  A Deeper Look In by Michael James Wong

14 January 2016

A simple word & phrase that conjures up images of tanned surfers, salty hair beach bunnies or the cocktail waitresses at your local tiki bar. But if look beyond the modern day kitsch, therein lies so much more to this word, and the other six philosophies of the Huna Tradition. Let’s go deeper.

London versus New York with Anita Goa

27 October 2015

In this week’s feature we catch up with Anita Goa, who recently moved from New York to London and re-established herself here, as a teacher and well, a Londoner. Anita explains the differences between the two cities yoga scene about inspiring New York teachers and about living graciously through transitions and changes in life.

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga with Tanya Love

15 September 2015

Tanya Love teaches an explorative, anatomically intelligent form of yoga, dedicated to listening to your body.She has studied anatomy in depth, her practice is also influenced by body/mind therapies and she considers yoga and movement practices to be profoundly therapeutic. In this week’s interview we get to know her a bit better. Read about Tanya’s yoga journey and what inspires her.

An interview with leading yoga therapist Lisa Kaley Isley

20 August 2015

In this first of a three part interview we catch up with Lisa Kaley Isley, yoga teacher, expert yoga therapist, psychologist, board member, tutor, mentor, and supervisor on the Yoga Campus Yoga Therapy Diploma course. Lisa directs the Yoga Therapy Clinic at the Life Centre in Islington, that provides training for the yoga therapy students and low cost yoga therapy for the community. Lisa provides private yoga therapy at The Life Centres in Islington and currently at Notting Hill.

Anita Goa & The Power Of Yoga

16 June 2015

In this week’s interview we catch up with Anita Goa who recently joined us as a teacher at Islington. Anita speaks to us about her yoga journey, the importance of curiosity, intuition and yoga as the fountain of youth.

Kindness, enquiry and practice with Eunice Laurel

28 May 2015

In this week’s interview we catch up with Eunice, yoga teacher and therapist dedicated to the study, practice and sharing of yoga. She has been studying various forms of asana for over a decade, from Astanga Vinyasa to more restorative styles, and is an avid student of various forms and traditions of yoga and philosophy.

Sacred Sound with Anne Malone

7 May 2015

Anne Malone is an internationally recognized singer/songwriter and facilitator, her passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound. In this week’s interview Anne tells us what is at the heart of her work: “Music is the breath of Love, to share the beauty of breathing and bathing in Sacred Sound is my passion and joy” Read the interview here.

Mindful Living with Helen Mead

21 April 2015

In this week’s feature we catch up with therapist and teacher Helen Mead on mindfulness, meditation and how holistic principles bring health and happiness.

Jivamukti teacher Harriet Bone joins The Life Centre

18 December 2014

Harriet teaches a dynamic physical practice, aided by hands-on assists, using uplifting music and creative challenging sequences. From January she will be teaching Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior classes at Islington. We caught up with Harriet in this short interview to find out more about her yoga journey from student to teacher.

Call on the energy of Lord Ganesh for New Beginnings

11 December 2014

Lord Ganesh clears the way to move forward as well as challenges us by placing obstacles in our way. He is known as the remover of obstacles and the deity to invoke for new beginnings. In this two part article, teachers Zephyr Wildman and Tanja Mickwitz tell us a bit about Lord Ganesh, New Beginnings and their New Year’s Day workshops.

Relax + Restore with Adelene Cheong

8 August 2014

Assume a comfortable and relaxed seat, so comfortable and relaxed that it is enticing not to move. Wait… hold… pause for stillness to arise from within… meditation. Adelene Cheong tells us about her journey into relaxation and ease through yoga.

Yin Yoga for Giving with Norman Blair

11 July 2014

“There will be a strong combination of giving to ourselves, giving to others and becoming aware of [judgmental] unconscious conversations,” says Norman about the upcoming Yin for Giving day workshop at The Life Centre. “It will be a celebration of community and the different individuals that make up community.”

Lizzie Reumont integration: Post-transplant life eight months on

6 June 2014

Life is both a challenge and a joy. In this article Lizzie writes about how she was given a second chance at life after a liver transplant.

Find a balance between strength and softness with Philippa Gendall

23 May 2014

Phillipa is an established Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga teacher. She encourages you to have no expectations, to just turn up in Samasthiti at the front of your mat and let your practice unfold, as it is!

Creativity and yoga with Ayala Hommossany

17 April 2014

With background in design and classic ballet, and a sincere appreciation for creativity of any kind, Ayala brings her own unique teaching style to her classes encouraging her students to appreciate themselves and to find their own inner voice.

Deep listening with Catherine Annis

11 April 2014

Originally a professional dancer, Catherine discovered yoga as a teenager, and has been practicing for more than 30 years. Having explored Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and various forms of Hatha yoga, she eventually gravitated to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and has created one of the few Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher training intensives.

Switching on the lights with Lisa Sanfilippo

4 April 2014

I want to help my students to ‘switch on the lights’ in the body—waking up parts that are tight or asleep, and carry this ‘waking up’ into the mind and the soul.

Martha Henneman encourages you to question and be curious

21 March 2014

Students are provided with a light hearted space to be present, and to get curious about what is going on in their bodies.

Graham Burns and the technology of yoga

7 March 2014

Graham Burns gives a unique perspective on how yoga can help with the stresses of daily life: as a technology for quietening the mind and understanding our real purpose.

In a safe environment with Vicky Fox

27 February 2014

Learn to know what it feels like to be in your body, to be aware and to accept and not judge.

Electromagnetism and yoga with Alessandra Pecorella

21 February 2014

Alessandra is a yogini of over 25 years and an electronic engineer with a Masters Degree in the Electromagnetic Human Bio Field. She is the founder and director of Aditya Yoga School and offers the Vinyasa Flow Foundation Teacher Training Program.

Creativity and freedom with Tanja Mickwitz

14 February 2014

Since her first yoga class in 2000 Tanja has explored many different styles of yoga. First the discipline and rigour of Ashtanga, then the creativity and freedom of Vinyasa Flow, the energetics and philosophy of ParaYoga and, more recently, the grace and alignment of Anusara. All these influences are reflected in her teaching.

Pregnancy and beyond with Tara Lee

31 January 2014

Tara has created a series of DVDs for both pre- and post-natal yoga (Bump, Birth and Beyond box-set) and general vinyasa yoga (Elements of Yoga DVD box-set). She has worked on a collaboration of yoga clothing for pregnant women and recently released her book Pregnancy Health Yoga. Tara has also designed an extra thick yoga mat for pregnant women called ‘The Bump Mat’. Tara has been rated one of the top 5 teachers in London by The Evening Standard magazine.

Yoga and meditation with Mark Hill

17 January 2014

Mark has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for 17 years and teaching full time for 12 years. Mark encourages his students to be true to their particular needs, feeling their balance, as he guides them through the practice.

Lizzie Reumont: Every breath is a new intention

12 January 2014

From teaching yoga to UN staff and local ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, to healing with pranayama after major surgery, Jivamukti teacher Lizzie Reumont reminds us that every new breath gives us the chance to reset our intentions.

Zephyr Wildman: Dancing into serenity

29 December 2013

From throwing yoga shapes with her mum in thong onesies to yoga as a therapeutic way to reconnect, Zephyr Wildman shares the practice that’s taken her from dancing in 80s Idaho to finding serenity at our Notting Hill centre today, plus the teachers and texts that helped get her here.

Sandi Sharkey: Transforming mundane into sacred

16 December 2013

Islington’s Sandi Sharkey reflects on over 20 years of teaching, since first playing with Bakasana in the attic at seven years old, and how yoga has helped transform the mundane into the sacred.