Our Yoga for Teen classes are bespoke yoga classes just right for those important transition years. Since ancient times, yoga has offered techniques to support growing bodies, restless minds and stressful lives. Yoga practice supports the growing self-awareness that is integral to discovering who you really are, what you really want and love, empowers you to go for it, and reconnects you with an inner place of calm. Our Yoga for Teen class is open to those between 11-18 years old in full-time education.

These classes will offer teens an exciting and enthusiastic practice that will align body and mind working together. These classes are perfect for teens who are trying to balance the pressures of their daily lives. Through intelligent sequencing, you will be guided through an alignment focused asana (physical) practice to foster body awareness, flexibility and strength, while allowing you to destress those areas prone to holding tension (especially shoulders and hips). The classes will also incorporate accessible breathing techniques to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system allowing you to rest and digest easily during the practice and also throughout the day. Most importantly these classes will be fun.

Classes take place during term time only at the following times:

Notting Hill - Saturdays 17.30 - 18.30 with Flavia Munn

Our Yoga for Teens classes are £7 drop in. Please note that parents must sign a waiver release on the first visit in order for teens to attend the class. Please do not book online otherwise you will be charged the full drop in rate - however you can purchase a pack of 5 classes at reception which will enable you to book subsequent classes online. Please contact our reception team for further details.