Yoga for Teens Classes at The Life Centre Islington

Our Yoga for Teen classes are bespoke yoga classes just right for those important transition years between being a child and young adult. In the adolescent years so much is changing in bodies, identity, studies, friendships, and world-view. With so much going on, you need some thing you can count on to get you through.  Since ancient times, yoga has offered techniques to support growing bodies, restless minds and stressful lives. Yoga practice supports the growing self-awareness that is integral to discovering who you really are, what you really want and love, empowers you to go for it, and reconnects you with an inner place of calm in the midst of the storm.  Our Yoga for Teen class is open to those between 13-18 years old in full-time education. 

This class includes asana (physical poses) to undo the effects of sitting all day studying – stretching tight hamstrings, relieving stress in neck and shoulders, and getting the whole body moving in alignment that supports stability in the joints and flexibility in growing muscles. Using movement coordinated with breath awareness, we find the balance between building energy for when you’re tired, and discharging energy for when you’re restless. By focusing attention and intention, and using breathing practices, we do the same thing for your mind – to wake you up and calm you down. 

The first class of the autumn term will be on Wednesday 14 September at 5.15-6.15pm and classes run every Wednesday for six weeks. 

Term dates for Spring 2017 are:

10 Jan to 7th Feb (5 weeks) (starting one week later than school term)
14th Feb – Half term  (no class)
21st Feb to 28th March (6 weeks)  
4th + 11th April Easter holidays (no classes)

The Yoga for Teens classes are taught by Lisa Kaley-Isley.

Lisa has spent most of her life working specifically with adolescents because that’s what she loves doing.  Lisa has worked with teens in camps, schools, hospitals, residential facilities, community centers, and homeless shelters.  She’s conducted yoga research studies with adolescents assessing the effectiveness of yoga to decrease anxiety and depression in teens who were also struggling with eating disorders, chronic pain, and respiratory, digestive, and neurological disorders.  Lisa has been specially trained to teach yoga to teens and to provide one-on-one therapeutic yoga.