Level 1 (foundation): an introductory level, suitable both for those new to yoga and those seeking a gentler practice. Although welcome in Level 1 classes, we strongly advise complete beginners to yoga to attend one of our beginners’ courses if possible, in order to learn basic breath and body awareness techniques and key postures.

Level 2 (intermediate): for more experienced students, Level 2 classes introduce a wider range of postures and breathing techniques, requiring and developing greater strength and flexibility. Students in Level 2 classes will be assumed to have a good basic knowledge of body alignment, breathing techniques and the most commonly practised yoga postures.

Level 3 (advanced): for the most experienced students, working on more challenging postures and techniques. Students must have good knowledge of the most commonly practised asanas and pranayama techniques and have regularly attended our Level 2 classes, or their equivalent at other centres.

Level 1-2 and Level 2-3 classes are pitched between the relevant levels indicated above. Level 1-2 classes assume a degree of yoga knowledge and experience and are NOT suitable for complete beginners.

All levels classes are open to those of all levels of yoga experience. The teacher will adapt the class to suit the levels of experience of the students, providing appropriate modifications and alternative practices where necessary.